Andrew Reynolds on choosing a Business mentor and coach

Andrew Reynolds is a self made millionaire. He started a little business in his spare room at home and went on to pull in over £50Milllion in around 12 years.

Andrew Reynolds puts his success down to two things. Having a simple and easy to understand business model to learn and follow and also having a coach and mentor to help him over hurdles. “The second of these is so important says Andrew Reynolds yet so many people mess up in selecting a coach or mentor.

Andrew Reynolds believes that if you want to learn something new and for example start and build a home based business, you need to follow in the footsteps of someone who has already done it. So many Mums who want to work at home buy into courses and self proclaimed ‘Experts’ and ‘Gurus’ who have never made any money themselves. “How qualified are they to offer to help you?” says Andrew Reynolds. “They’ve never made money themselves – yet they are offering to help you – for a fee. Its complete nonsense” says Reynolds

Andrew Reynolds holds annual Bootcamp events and workshops for aspiring Home Based Business entrepreneurs. At his Bootcamps Andrew Reynolds features several speakers –all of whom have pulled in at least £1million form a standing start working at home. “These are the people you want to listen to” says Andrew Reynolds “People who have actually done it and are now willing to share with you exactly who they did it”.

As for the other crucial element of Andrew Reynolds success – having a a simple and easy to understand business model to learn and follow, Andrew Reynolds also offers a simple monthly Home Study Course that takes you through his business system – things he has tried and tested – a system that has pulled in over £50million all starting  from his spare room at home

If you want to succeed – says Andrew Reynolds – stack the deck in your favour by copying someone that has already done it.

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