Andrew Reynolds on starting a home business

According to Andrew Reynolds there has never been a better time in history for Mums to start a home based business.

“At no time in our history has everything been so aligned” says Andrew Reynolds. “Think about it. When has a Mum who chooses to stay at home to look after the kids in their early years ever been able to run a business round the other demands of the day, sit at the kitchen table, build the business online in her spare time – rather than having to be ‘at work’ by a certain time, leading to conflict with kids school holidays etc?” Andrew Reynolds cites a coming together of several things …such as the widespread use of broadband – it is now possible to run a whole business online… widespread acceptance of customers to pay for goods and services online using credit cards. (In Andrew Reynolds own business 97% of orders and payments are by credit and debit card).

“We also have very efficient parcel delivery companies” says Andrew Reynolds. “I can put some DVDs in a jiffy bag today and they can be in my customer’s hands tomorrow morning”

This all means that anyone using the business model that Andrew Reynolds used – and now teaches via his monthly Home Study Course – cam start and run a sustainable business form their kitchen table.

“We don’t have to rent offices, take on staff, have loads of stock stored in a warehouse” says Andrew Reynolds. “We can start on a shoestring and build slowly. That’s what Andrew Reynolds did – he started in his spare bedroom at home, on a second hand desk, with an old PC and what he calls a ‘clackety clack’ printer that used to wake the neighbours up. “According to Andrew Reynolds you don’t; need to be a ‘techie’…you don’t need to be great with computers. If you can type a word document and use email – you probably have all the techie skills you need to start a business using the model that Andrew Reynolds teaches.

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