Cash On Demand scam copies pulled from sale

If you are looking online for a way to subscribe to the UKs bestselling and highly regarded home based business course – you need to beware pirates operating a Cash On Demand scam by offering fake scans of old copies of the course on auction and classified ads sites.

The latest Cash On Demand scam ad offered a  set of 13 of the Modules of the course scanned onto a CD for just a fraction of their real worth.

Old Cash on Demand Scam Copies

The problem with his Cash On Demand scam is that the pirates had scanned very old copies of the course originally written on 2004 and of course much of the information in the course has changed dramatically since that date. The Cash On Demand scam copies contain websites for example that no longer exist and some of the methods shown in the Cash On Demand scam copies are now out of date. The only way to get the very latest 2.0 version of the course written this year is to go to where a free trail is available. Unlike the Cash On Demand scam copies being hawked on auction sites by the pirates, the free trial package contains three feature length DVDs which clearly show the system in action, plus an audio CD , an introductory Modules and also a certificate entitling you to a one to one consultation when your business is up and running.

So beware pirates and their Cash On Demand scam poor and out of date copies. For the latest course simply leave your details at

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