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According to Focus Research and Marketing, for anyone starting a small business from home – perhaps selling online – the one thing you’ll need is a good product to sell.

Now you could develop your own – which would take time and money – or you could use the help of Focus Research to license you a readymade product so you can be up and running fast

Focus Research and Marketing and their licensing system works like this:

Firstly its important to understand that there are companies out there who spend time and money researching a product idea – then actually producing the product. These companies may for example have developed the product for their local market.

Focus Research step in and ask the product developer of they would be interested in licensing the products outside of their local market. Clients of Focus Research then get the opportunity to get their hands on these licenses.

For a modest fee, Focus Research and Marketing provide you with, for example a license to a set of DVds. Within that licensing package Focus Research send you 1) Masters of the DVDs so you can run off copies yourself at home – or send them to a DVD duplication house who may charge around £1 a disc – depending on quantities. 2) A readymade website template so you can be up and running the same day. Now you’ll probably want to customise this website to make it your own brand – but at least you can be up and running fast 3) Ready-made professional graphics for the DVD covers and labels. (You can buy empty DVD cases on eBay)

In a nutshell Focus Research provide almost a ‘business in a box’ with these licenses. And as Focus Research point out – after paying the modest licensing fee – there are no royalties to pay, no commissions to the original developer, nor Focus Research. You keep all of the profits you generate from the product.

Focus Research and Marketing also mentioned that the business owner can of course get affiliates to sell the product for them too. So with a readymade website and affiliate selling for you – maybe licensing products from brokers like Focus Research will be the right way for you to go.

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According to Focus Research and Marketing, if you’re working at home, trying to set up your own home based business….you have one thing in common with most other businesses – you need a product to sell.

“One way of getting such a product is through licensing – which is not as difficult or involved as it sounds” said Focus Research and Marketing.

Licensing of products is a simple idea. A product owner – possibly from overseas, will look for people to license his product to. You get a license and can then sell as many copies as you want – and keep all of the profits.

That’s where Focus Research and Marketing come in. They have contacts worldwide who will seek out great products for their different clients.

Typically says Focus Research and Marketing, licenses can cost a lot of money and are often beyond the finances of a small start-up business.

However using a new and unique subscription based plane, Focus Research and Marketing have just launched a package that offers great DVD sets with worldwide licenses, at an affordable price. The Focus Research and Marketing subscription plan comes in at around £197 a month – and for that you get a new DVD set each month… DVDs sets that are specifically designed to appeal to niche markets online. Focus Research and Marketing also send you a set of Masters of the DVD set so you can run copies off at home – or they can put you in touch with professional DVD duplicators who specialise in making the DVDs for you in proper cases with labels and covers. (Focus Research and Marketing provide the graphics files on a disc for this)

Also provided is a readymade website page that you can upload using the simple steps shown on a training DVD that Focus Research and Marketing provide free of charge with your first subscription. Also with that first subscription you also get a number of Focus Research and Marketing Manuals showing you how to market online to maximise your sales.

Focus Research and Marketing have got it all covered here with this start up package. To subscribe – go to

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