Mums Working from Home

There is a boom industry of mums working from home. It’s all because most households have a least one computer. The computer is a cyber space global shop. Entrepreneurs have paved the way by creating lots of mini systems and techniques for marketing products on the Internet.

So if you want to join the band of mums working form home here are some ideas…

Start a newsletter. Here’s a unique angle – start a newsletter for diarists. They nearly always work in isolation and many would welcome a newsletter which informs them about other diarists. The newsletter could have a ‘meeting other diarists’ section, a notice board page of interesting events, and advice pages on how to write better diary entries.

Another idea of a mum working from home is an unusual slant on recipes. Mix unique cocktail drinks and punches to commission. Name each drink after the person nominated by the sponsor. This makes an unusual gift. Events would be wedding receptions, birthday parties.

Advertise it through the Internet. Send each drink and punch recipe by email to your customers. Each recipe would be a designed ‘gift’ page headed by the name of the drink and the details of the sponsor. This idea can also apply to food recipes.

Here are a couple more ideas for mums working from home

  • Run an Internet business which sells books, equipment and supplies to gardeners, or to fish pond enthusiasts, or dog owners etc.
  • If you like writing poetry, offer a ‘special poem’ service for different events. Find a unique way to present poems even if it’s simply a uniquely designed card containing a photograph of the person who has just passed their driving test for example, with the poem for them.

With the design facilities in computers, you can make photos look like oil paintings or sepia. All it takes is imagination and a little creativity. As most people can’t write poetry, this could prove to be popular.
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