Jobs for Mums at Home

Jobs for mums at home are on the increase. This is mainly because nearly every family has at least one computer in the household. And there are so many jobs for mums at home that can launched through the Internet.

Here are just a few ideas of jobs for mums at home…

Exams are an important part of children’s school years. And as with all other sections of our education, there are techniques that make passing exams simpler and easier.

If you are an ex-teacher or headmistress, this could be an interesting job for mums at home idea. Devise a system of successful exam techniques. Produce that information in a book, in an inventive design way which is exciting for children to follow. The same ‘passing exams made simple system’ could be made into a computer programme, Internet video format or DVD.

If this jobs for mums at home idea appeals you could also produce systems to make reading easier and more fun, maths easier and more fun and so on. With expertise and flair (not necessarily only yours, you can always team up with other experts) with the willingness to do the market research and produce great product you may be able to interest the education authorities. If schools took on your products you would have an extremely lucrative job for mums at home.

Here’s something totally different. If you are looking at jobs for mums at home which is more craft-based, make special items like money-belts of your own design. If you attach each money belt to a printed card, you can sell these to retail outlets. If you create a website, suppliers can order through it.

Your money belts would need to have a unique angle – for example, a pocket one side for your mobile phone and the other your money.

Here are a few more ideas for jobs for mums at home…

  • Create and sell novelties for gardeners
  • Make and sell kits for hobbyists
  • Make and sell holiday items
  • Create and sell framed ‘interest’ pictures
  • Make and distribute souvenir lucky charms

If you want to make serious money with jobs for mums at home, check out the entrepreneur articles and websites.

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