Jobs for Stay at Home Mums

If your children are under school age or you are looking after an elderly parent, there are many jobs for stay at home mums.

The key component in jobs for stay at home mums is the Internet. This is your link to the rest of the world. A website is your shop to display whatever product you are selling and Paypal your cash till to take in the money.

Here are just a few jobs for stay at home mums…

If you’re artistic, you could use your skills to create new designs for tattoo artists, transfers for embroidery patterns and even stencil kits. All of the selling can be done through the Internet. You post the designs or email them direct to customers.

Another job for stay at home mums is to create history books or e-books. For example, pick a well-known area. Research and write the history of that area. Sell them to residents and businesses in that area. And keep doing this, for lots of different areas.

To make this easy, create a template, which consists of main questions you need to answer each time you write about a different area which makes for an exciting read. Use the power of email to obtain copies of people’s old photographs of each area which will make the material visually interesting – especially old sepia and black and white school photographs.

Create a design template for each book which is unique. Remember how Dorling Kindersley created a totally new and fresh look for their books. We’re all used to seeing them now and other publishers have followed in their footsteps since. But they were new and inventive when their books first hit the streets. Take a leaf out of their success story and make your history books unique and exciting.

Here are a few more ideas of jobs for stay at home mums…

  • Create a computerized horse racing results prediction service.
  • Start an Internet business which sells stop smoking aids. For example, dummy cigarette, advice booklets, hypnosis CD’s, charts and posters.
  • Create and produce CD’s, books and DVD’s on how to lose weight.
  • Buy and sell products related to popular cartoon and comic characters or famous celebrities. At the weekend you can go to car boot sales, auction rooms and markets to buy or sell the products. Weekdays you use ebay to buy or sell products.

If you want to make serious money with jobs for stay at home mums, check out the entrepreneur articles and websites.

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