Jobs from Home for Mums

Since the computer the number of jobs from home for mums has vastly increased. Technological advances continue to increase the diversity of marketing techniques available to us all. This is nowhere more apparent than in the field of jobs from home for mums.

Here are some ideas of jobs from home for mums…

For anybody keen on cooking, there are some unusual ideas that have proven successful. Nancy Engel bought $30 worth of assorted spices. She mixed them together, bottled and labelled them Italian Spice Mix. When she took them to a flea market, she sold every bottle and made $200.

So, Nancy Engel started the herbal mail order company, Sunny Window. As the company grew she added to those original line of spice mixes, products like soaps and scented gift items. She was soon earning $25,000 a year and her company continued to grow. This is an idea where a computer could vastly increase growth and sales.

Another idea, if you know how to design websites or are willing to learn this is a great job you can run from home. It’s perfect for mums with children at school.

Another idea is one that Martha Stewart made an absolute fortune from. She shared substitution secrets. Her books gave women tips such as instead of buying designer clothes, buy cheaper clothes that look like designer gear. She gave tips on how to entertain as if rich, but provide inexpensive meals.

Bad press aside, Martha Stewart had some fantastic ideas and she built an incredible business empire from her tips for women.

Here is another idea of jobs from home for mums – create a business opportunity…

  • Reprint old photographs of a town and mount them in frames, mount them onto place mats and make greeting cards. Sell them to the local residents. With the Internet you have the tool to carry out this idea for as many towns as you wish. Supply the products as a business opportunity to one person per area.

If you want to make serious money with jobs from home for mums, check out the entrepreneur articles and websites.

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