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Julian Patterson, a leading Product Broker, says that “Some Home based businesses work on the ‘information publishing’ model – selling ‘information products’ such as Books, DVD How to courses, CD-Roms, and other similar products that can be sold from home.” Indeed that’s how type of licenses Julian Patterson started in business himself originally.

According to Julian Patterson some of these home business owners have expertise of their own that they can package and sell on those CDs, for example””

“But in most cases” says Julian Patterson” smaller home businesses don’t have the time – usually many months – or finances, to produce solid marketable products that will sell.”

That’s where licensing comes in.

Julian Patterson says there are loads of product owners out there who for a small fee will license you their product – you just need to have the contacts. And that’s something Julian Patterson has in spades!

But he warns – don’t fall for all those cheap ‘Private label Rights’ and Resell Rights products that have in fact just been out together to sell to people like you. We’ve all seen them – the $29.99 eBook – that you can buy for just $5 – WITH reprint rights!!

“Hang on” smiles Julian Patterson “that’s a great deal. I can go online and biuy it for $5 and sell as many copies as I want for $29.99. I’ll be rich!!”

But of course as Julian Patterson points out, you’ll not get rich. If YOU can find the eBook online for $5 – then so can your customers. Why would they pay you $29.99 when they can buy it from the same place as you for $5.

The type of licenses Julian Patterson brings to the table tend to be ‘off market’ in other words private sales – not available elsewhere. He tends to sign exclusivity deals with the product owner – meaning the license can only be accessed via type of licenses Julian Patterson.

You can find Julian Patterson at http://www.julianpatterson.co.uk/

Julian Patterson The Cash Business Generator Plan Released

Julian Patterson who is one of the top information product brokers, has recently offered limited number of UK businesses the opportunity to obtain a range of DVD sets through his UK representatives, FOCUS RESEARCH AND MARKETING

According to Julian Patterson licenses to DVDs would normally have price tags in excess of £1,000, but in a newly announced arrangement with FOCUS RESEARCH AND MARKETING, Julian Patterson clients can now obtain new DVD set licenses for a simple monthly subscription of less than £200.

FOCUS RESEARCH AND MARKETING explained “clients of Julian Patterson can now target niche markets here in the UK and abroad – as these Julian Patterson licenses are for worldwide distribution. That means the small business owner can sell online to all countries worldwide and retain all of the profits.

Julian Patterson has put together a complete readymade business by providing FOCUS RESEARCH AND MARKETING clients with a package consisting not only of DVDs Masters discs – but also marketing website pages, graphics for DVD covers and labels etc. Julian Patterson also provides a very useful set of manuals to help the business owner with their marketing, website promotion etc. Julian Patterson also provides a simple step by step instructional DVD showing business owners how to set up their website to take payments etc.

Julian Patterson said “Through this unique arrangement with FOCUS RESEARCH AND MARKETING we can now offer someone setting up their first business, access to readymade products, for a fraction of what licenses would normally cost. By spreading costs at around £200 a month – we can then offer on a monthly basis – one new niche product per month.

“If you obtain a license to a set of DVDs for just £197 – and can sell retail copies of the DVD sets” says Julian Patterson “perhaps at process around £67 – you’ll quickly be able to see how many sets you need to sell to make a nice profit. I am delighted to bring these DVD sets to the UK through FOCUS RESEARCH AND MARKETING.

For more information go to http://www.focus-research-and-marketing.co.uk/

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