New Year Plan launched by Business Guru Andrew Reynolds

What’s it to be for your 2012 New Year’s resolutions? Like most people you’ll probably have written in your New Year Plan something related to losing weight. Your New Year Plan may also include some way of making money or paying off your debts. Easier said than done though, on money one! Particularly in this climate! But help is at hand.

Brand new for 2012 is a brilliant new system for making money at home using Social Media – called the New Year Plan System.

The New Year Plan system is a training programme just released by Home Business Expert Andrew Reynolds, which teaches you a brand new way of making money using the power of sites like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and other social media sites.

The New Year Plan system also comes with a rather unique guarantee. If you use the New Year Plan system for a year and do not make money with it – the guarantee provides you with a refund PLUS an extra £2,000 just for trialling the system for the year.

Originally launched at a live workshop a couple of weeks ago, where attendees paid £4,997 plus vat just to be in the room to receive the training – the Plan is now available as a DVD, which effectively allows you to ‘attend’ the training at home – but without having to find around £5,000 ‘up front’. Instead the Plan system is available to selected invited students of Andrew for a manageable monthly payment of just £199 plus vat.

Not only do you get the full training filmed at the live workshop – but the Plan system also comes with a series of live online training session to keep you on track, plus a full training suite on DVDs that cover most of the major social media sites.

Participation in the New Year Plan is by invitation only – full details at


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