Newly released Cash on Demand 3.0

Newly released Cash on Demand 3.0 could be your answer to giving up work and giving you back your life…

And providing you with immense personal worth…

A few years ago Andrew Reynolds found his life going around and around in seemingly ever decreasing circles.  He was stuck in a job he hated … struggling to pay the bills … and living in a cramped semi in a housing estate on the ‘wrong’ side of town.  Which makes his idyllic lifestyle just a few years later all the more impressive.  Indeed, in those proceeding years he went on to develop something at home he called, Cash on Demand, which enabled him to go from this hopeless situation to becoming a Multi-Millionaire.

Written about in a book recently released called Copy This Idea – which coincides with his new home study course Cash on Demand 3.0 – Andrew explains a fascinating way to make money where he basically can buy something for £6 and sell it for £197 working from home using a automated little web site.  It is a business model which he has used to bank well over £50 Million Pounds and provide him with a lifestyle he never dreamed possible. Indeed, essentially that is what Cash on Demand 3.0 is all about.  Showing other individuals how they could copy his idea … copy what he does to make their own dreams come true.

However, what I found fascinating, when I read about his Cash on Demand model and the journey it had taken him on, was when asked by his publishers what the most meaningful thing making all this money has done for him.  You see his reply had nothing to do with any personal accomplishments.  It wasn’t the million pound homes he’d bought or the £100,000+ cars, neither was it the various business awards he won or even seeing his book go straight to number one in its category in hundreds of branches of WH Smiths.  Not even becoming a Sunday Times Business Best Seller.

Instead, what he has found the most meaningful thing to have happened as a result of using the Cash on Demand system he developed, is how it has enabled him to help others.  The money he has been able to give away in other words.  First and foremost one of the most satisfying feelings came when he gave his mum true financial freedom and bought her her own home.  A far cry from the caravan she used to live in when Andrew was younger as they struggled to even put food on the table.

In addition to this, perhaps most gratifying is that by running a successful business like a Cash on Demand business, it gives you the opportunity to go beyond one’s only ‘personal’ goals and aspirations, and to reach out to others who really do need a helping hand.  In Andrew’s case he admits that he’d always promised himself that if he ever made serious money in is life, he would do something sensible with it rather than just fritter it away.  Cash on Demand has enabled him to certainly do that – and perhaps even to have gone far further than he would have imagined.

For example, right now every morning in a township thousands of miles away in South Africa 400 or so children went to school with food in their bellied thanks to the soup kitchen Andrew has been able to fund from his Cash on Demand profits.  In fact, they’ll also get a sandwich for lunch and a dinner in the evening from this soup kitchen.  In short, isn’t it amazing to think that there are children in another continent which will not go hungry all because of a very ordinary guy living halfway across the world happened to stumble on a great way to make money which he developed into what is today the Cash on Demand business.

Likewise, hundreds of sick children have been treated in a children’s ward at Great Ormond Street Hospital – a multi-bed specialist treatment room Andrew raised all the money for using his Cash on Demand system.

Of course, what any budding entrepreneur does ultimately with their own success is personal to them, but as Andrew points out we all have a social responsibility.  Yes running a successful business system like Cash on Demand is also about making money for yourself, however once you’ve secured your own financial freedom and that of your family it would do you well on so many levels to begin developing a vision now of what you’d like to do beyond this. That is where your true riches will lie and which will be the mirror to which you will truly know if yours was a life well lived or not.

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