Pay as you go trial for Social Media Profits Training

If you’re looking for a way to make money using social media sites like Facebook, linked in, YouTube etc – the brand new project from Andrew Reynolds is the way to go. You work on a Pay as you go trial basis – instead of having to find the course fees of around £10,000. For a manageable £199 a month – (plus vat which cam of course be reclaimed) participants in the trial – a brand new way of making money which harness the power of social media sites – can now get their business up and running in a matter of days.

Unlike almost every other business out there, the trial means that apart from the training fees – you only need to find around £250 for start up capital to get your business up and running. The Pay as you go trial system uses social media sites – which of course are a free resource – but with a twist, which allows you to make profits. As Andrew said “Loads of people uses social media – but very few people actually know how to make money with it” the trial is a way to get started without having to find a whole load of money up front.

The trial offer includes DVD training to get you started, a full DVD training suite which you follow over a few months, live coaching each month with experts, one to one calls with an allocated mentor and a full help desk if you need a question answered.

You work your way slowly – at a pace to suit – you focusing on, for example, Twitter first – then moving on to Facebook…and then on through others of the top social media sites.

At the moment Pay as you go trial is only open to a few invited students.

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