Pay As You Go Trial Social Media Training

If you’re looking for a Pay as you go trial  of a training course to  teach you how to use Social Media to make money, look no further than

The new Pay As You Go Trial  Training option from Social Media Profits experts Paul O’Mahony and Mili Ponce is strictly for existing students of their cutting edge monthly Social Media Profits beginners course this ‘hands on’ training will allow you to Fast Track you way to getting the system up and running, backed up by a full time personal helpdesk assistant to keep you on track and help with any issues you come upon as you build your business

Normally priced at over £5,000 plus a monthly on-going training fee of £99 plus vat per month, the offer allows you to take the training but to spread the costs as you go along at just £199 plus vat per month

With a complete training on day one – plus a full DVD training suite showing you in specific detail how to use, for example, Twitter, Facebook and other SM sites to start and build a profitable business for the longer term, plus helpdesk, access to software that automates many of the processes etc helps your cashflow by not requiring the full training fees ‘up front’ but instead you can Pay as you go trial the system at home, for yourself.

The also comes with a unique guarantee. If you do exactly what the training course teaches you to do – and follow the step by step simple action plan provided, if after a year you have not made any money, you get back £2,000 in cash, just for giving a try.

With training covering Facebook, Twitter, blogging, YouTube, and more importantly how to use these Social Media sites to start and build a sustainable business from scratch, the Pay As You  Go trial  option allows you to start the training for just £199 down and you are under no obligation to complete the course – you can stop at any time if you do not have time to complete the course. Everyone learns differently – and you can work at your own pace, at times to suit you – whether evenings, weekends or whenever you have half an hour here and there to spare

More info is available for existing students at



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