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work with Paul the ex professional footballerWork with Paul as your mentor. Why? If you want to be successful – you find yourself a mentor. Paul was a professional footballer until fate stepped in and served up a broken leg. Shattering his dreams of a full time career in football, consequently, Paul had to quickly find an alternative. He needed something that would replace a footballer’s earnings

What he found blew away any worries he had. Starting in his spare room at home, Paul quickly built a business on his laptop. That business has since pulled in over $10Million!

So if you want to follow in the footsteps of someone who has succeeded:

Work with Paul

For the first time, serious individuals are being given the chance to work with Paul on an individual basis. Most of all, starting with a face to face meeting, to show you how the business works, what is involved, the sort of small investment required etc. Paul will spend two full days with you showing you how – before you make any form of commitment.

work with paul to see how he grew up here and went on to bank MillionsYou’ll also meet Paul’s team – the guys who will build the business for you over the coming weeks and months.

Paul is someone who appreciates what it is like to come up form nothing. He was brought up in a two up, two down terrace house

Things couldn’t be more different today – all thanks to his new business.

Today he lives in a $1million house with its own indoor pool. He drives a number of cars including a Bentley continental. And he lives the lifestyle most only dream of.

Plus, unlike most pro footballers who peak at a young gage, Paul can continue running his own £Multi-Million business for many years to come. There is no age limit and no restrictions.

To work with Paul – get more details at

work with paul who bought himself a $1million house with pool

If you are interested in owning and profiting from your own 6 or 7 figure mobile business, this chance to work with Paul is worth its weight in gold.

To find out more about how to work with Paul see

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Work With Paul
Profession footballer Paul has his life completely changed overnight after breaking his leg. Needing to find a totally different way of earning a living to feed his family, he found Andrew Reynolds on the Entrepreneur Channel. 12 years later and Paul now has his own multi million pound business
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Mums Working From Home

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