Working From Home for Mums

There are plenty of suitable projects for mums working from home. With a computer you can run a business, working around the family’s needs.

Here are few projects for working from home mums…

Run a business devoted to helping women find their own beauty. Finishing schools are the reserve of the rich. A business that teaches all the beauty issues learned at a finishing school, would make that knowledge available for every woman. Other mums would be high on your customer list. You could organise weekly sessions or weekend workshops for the mums who can leave the husband to look after the kids.

This is even something you could teach others in other areas of the country to be the expert tutor for the workshops. So you would train other tutors and once they have completed their training, they receive a diploma with the licensing rights to take workshops in their area.

Another working from home project for mums is to start a correspondence course that shows people how to trace their family ancestry. Create a website to promote the course.

Another project of working from home for mums is sell a series of booklets, with accompanying CDs on subjects like, how to beat depression and how to cure insomnia.

If you like craft work here is a project for working from home, make soft toy lucky charms. For example, a giant number seven, four-leaf clovers, horseshoes, pixies.

Another craft work project is to make a selection of soft toy insects or animals. Examples of insects are caterpillars, ladybirds, bumble bees. Examples of animals are tigers, domestic cats, wolves, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs.

Display them on your website and put all of your contact details for telephone orders. Also have an order form page with PayPal provision, so people can order online.

If you want to make serious money with jobs for working from home mums, check out the entrepreneur articles and websites.

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