Working Mum from Home

A working mum from home can find it enjoyable as well as profitable. An enjoyable and profitable project enhances the life of a mum, who has to be at home for the children.

Here are some ideas for a mum who wishes to be working from home…

If you are an artist, here’s an Internet business idea. Design and produce a selection of satirical, political postcards. Sell sets of them to collectors and retailers.

Another idea for a working mum from home is set up a website and build it into a catalogue of Sci Fi memorabilia for sale. You can buy and sell items on ebay for this business as well.

Another idea for a working mum from home is to create and sell a correspondence course which teaches people how to do card tricks. Sell special designed packs of cards as well. You could also sell tricks and jokes.

Another Internet based project for a working mum from home is publishing a guide to unusual products, services and shops. You make your money from selling the fun guide but also from selling advertising space to some of the firms listed in your guide.

Another idea for a mum working from home is as an agent for party entertainers. You get them the venues, the bookings, using the Internet as your marketing tool.

Another agency idea is providing pretty women and handsome men to sales or reception work at business promotions, conferences and exhibitions. You post their photographs on your website for clients to choose who they want to book.

Start in an Internet based business which invents and sells toys for pets.

If you want to make serious money with being a working mum from home, check out entrepreneur articles and websites.

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