Working Mums from Home

There are myriads of ways to earn money from work mums can do at home.

You don’t even need an office. If you’ve got a computer, you can work at home.

Here are some ideas of work mums can do at home…

Self-help books and e-books teaching people how to sell themselves, for example, to the opposite sex, to work colleagues, at job interviews. Sell correspondence courses, create CD’s and DVD’s. Run workshops.

If you don’t know anything about the subjects, but the idea appeals to you, there are two courses of action. You can learn all about ‘selling yourself’ and then transfer this knowledge to books, record onto CD’s etc. Or, you can team up with someone who IS an expert. You can even use the Internet to find your expert.

Another idea of work at home for mums is run a business which supplies fund raising aids and accessories. For example, books and e-books about fund raising ideas. Design a website to display the fund raising items you sell. Have a page which is an order form with Paypal facilities.

Contact schools, churches, women’s institutes and other organisations who regularly need to raise funds.

Another idea which is perfect work for mums at home is to run an Internet business that sells diet help material. You can attract customers with a free newsletter. At the end of each newsletter give people the chance to buy your books and e-books. You can also sell exercise gear and exercise DVD’s as these products should interest people who are dieting.

The best way to make such a business a huge success is by finding a unique angle. You’ve got to be different in some way to everybody else in the same market place. For instance, a fun cartoon character in the corner of each page or jokes peppered through the serious stuff, just to make dieting and exercise fun.

If you want to make serious money with work at home for mums, check out the entrepreneur articles and websites.

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